Tuesday Evening Meditation Group

Tuesday Evening Meditation Group


5 Week Meditation Group

Tuesday 6-7.15pm @ Feel Now Yoga HQ (my house), Whittle-le-Woods, PR6 7LJ

Dates: 13 Mar, 20 Mar, 10 Apr, 17 Apr & 24 Apr 2018

Please note there are no sessions during the Easter holidays.

Next course starts in May 2018.

Course description: Meditation invites us to turn our attention inward so that we can find the peaceful stillness within us which is the truth of who we really are.  

All too often we keep things to ourselves. This group provides a safe space within which you are invited to express yourself freely without worrying about what others think.

How we do this will depend on what you feel comfortable with.  We will draw upon various meditation & rumination techniques, including Satsang (truth discussion), Atma Vichara (self enquiry), Pranayama (breathing practices), Visualisation, & possibly Mantra, is everyone is comfortable with that. 

This meditation course is suitable for everyone including complete beginners & regular meditators.  To get the most out of this course, it is more important to have a desire for self enquiry & a curiosity about your inner world, than previous experience. 


Suitable for anyone wanting to go deeper into their experience of themselves & share some supportive human intimacy. 

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The benefits of meditation include:

- Lower stress levels

- Improved mental clarity

- Improved memory

- Improved management of chronic pain

- More harmonious thought processes

- Improved recovery from illness

- Improved sleep patterns

- Greater self awareness

- Increased self worth