Deep Yoga Foundation Course: January - June 2020

Deep Yoga Foundation Course: January - June 2020

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Discover the Depths of Yoga

January - June 2020

6 full weekend days, 5 friday night practices & a final weekend away overlooking Coniston Water on 13-14 June 2020.

At the heart of yoga lies the process of Atma Vichara; a deep, honest & open self enquiry. In this philosophical & experiential course, we will develop a deep & fruitful self practice, that is not restricted to asana. Exploring pranayama, relaxation, mantra, depth psychology & meditation; we will peel back the layers of limiting beliefs that keep us from being able to truly accept & appreciate who we are. 

If you want to take your yoga deeper, complete & submit the application form below.  Its a long way down, keep scrolling!  

Evaluation dates Fridays 18 October & 29th November 2019 7.45-9.45pm

Course starts 12th January 2020

Debbie Farrar: Course Director, IYN Yoga Elder

Debbie Farrar: Course Director, IYN Yoga Elder

Deep Foundations is a 60 hour yoga self enquiry course providing a supportive framework within which you can establish and deepen your personal practice and experience of yoga. You will gain a comprehensive grounding in basic practical techniques taught in the context of the philosophy that underpins yoga; the sutras of Patanjali.

Deep Foundations allows you to access the depths of yoga which cannot be gleamed from books, videos, classes or workshops. Studying yoga philosophy, history & theory allows you to move beyond yoga gymnastics to integrate the philosophy of the sutras into your practice contextualising yourself within this ancient tradition to give a truly embodied somatic experience.

Ryan Dixon: Course Co-Tutor

Ryan Dixon: Course Co-Tutor

The Feel Now Yoga Deep Foundation Course is facilitated by Debbie Farrar, a lifelong yoga practitioner, who has been teaching yoga & facilitating transformative experiences since 1999. This is Debbie’s 13th Deep Foundation Course. It is suitable for anyone wanting to go deeper into their practice & themselves to find their natural yoga being state, and so is an ideal preparation for those wishing to train as yoga teachers in the future, but equally suitable for committed yoga practitioners with no ambition to teach.  The course starting in January 2020 will be team taught with Ryan Dixon.  Ryan graduated from the Foundation Course with Debbie in 2012 onto the renowned Yoga Teacher Training Course at the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales, where Debbie is now part of the teacher training team.  

Progression to Yoga Teacher Training: The next Feel Now Yoga Teacher Training Course intake is October 2020, so this Foundation Course can lead directly onto that Teacher Training.

Course Content: The course syllabus covers 60 hours of preparation for practise, asana (postures), mudra (sealing gestures), basic breathing, kriya (cleansing practice), pranayama (breathing practices), concentration techniques, relaxation techniques, chanting, talks & discussions on the context, meaning & philosophy of Yoga. This will include discussions of the Chakras, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita & Upanishads to give you a thorough & deep grounding for progression to teacher training.

Course Requirements: Students are required to have been attending yoga classes for approximately 2 years before starting the course. During the course, students are expected to practise regularly and are encouraged to keep a reflective journal about this practice. Other than this there is no written homework and the course is not formally assessed. A minimum of 80% attendance is required to gain your certificate.

Dates & Venues: This course will take place over 5 Sundays, 1 Saturday & 5 Friday evenings at Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall, Union Street, Whittle-le-Woods, PR6 7LN with a final weekend in Coniston on 13 & 14 June 2020.  

Coniston Weekend 2017

Coniston Weekend 2017

Sun 12 Jan 10-5.30pm - EARTH: theory & practice

Fri 17 Jan 7.45-9.45pm - EARTH: practice

Sun 02 Feb 10-5.30pm - WATER: theory & practice

Fri 07 Feb 7.45-9.45pm - WATER: practice

Sun 08 Mar 10-5.30pm - 10-5pm - FIRE: theory & practice

Fri 27 Mar 7.45-9.45pm - FIRE: practice

Sat 04 Apr 10-5.30pm - AIR: theory & practice

Sun 19 Apr 10-5.30pm - SPACE: theory & practice

Fri 24 April 7.45-9.45pm - AIR & SPACE: practice

Sun 10 May 10-5.30pm - MIND: theory & practice

Fri 22 May 7.45-9.45pm - Integrated practice

Sat 13 June 10-5pm - Yoga weekend in Coniston

Sun 14 June 10-5pm - Yoga Weekend in Coniston

To enrol, complete & submit the application form below. If you have any trouble with the form, email

Successful applicants will be invited to attend an course evaluation session.  Please indicate which you can attend on the form below.  If you cannot attend, don't worry, your evaluation can take place at one of Debbie's or Ryan's classes instead. These evaluation sessions are an opportunity for you to evaluate us as well as an opportunity for us to ascertain your suitability for the course. Your ability to perform asana is not being assessed. We are looking for an ability to listen to the body and practice with sensitivity and awareness. 

Assuming the evaluation is successful, you will be officially accepted onto the course by email. To accept your place on the course, you will need to pay either your deposit or the early bird discounted full fee within 2 weeks of being offered a place. This can be done by cheque, bank transfer or through this website.

Early bird course fee: £495 if paid in full within 2 weeks of being accepted onto the course.

Instalment option: £145 deposit payable within 2 weeks of being accepted onto the course, followed by 4 monthly instalments of £100. 

Please call 07940 594374 if or email if you have any questions.


Coniston Weekend 2015

Coniston Weekend 2015

Feedback from Previous Courses:

27th October 2015: Fear is something I have had to face a lot of but also listen to it sometimes it is there for a very good reason not all the time but sometimes... Like trusting our own intuition.  Discernment, rationalisation, inquiry, self love, ahimsa, Sthira and Sukha, pratchyahara  are the tools that Devi and the foundation course  brought to us I know I am keen to learn more am I ready to dive deep I don't know ??... But using vinyasa krama approach of baby steps I am happy to bumble along onto the TT course  :)  (CT)

17th September 2015: so glad i shared on saturday - it was huge progress for me and something i've wanted to do all along really; the timing was perfect. I rejected one foundation course just before yours as i just didn't feel a connection with the teacher and as you know that is so important. I felt an immediate connection with you so thank you so much. (JG)

I've just sat at my desk with tears rolling down my face at your email.  It has been a hell of a journey and I think ill actually remember it forever!  It's been truly an honour to meet you all and to share what we have, which I can't really explain but I know it's massive and I look forward to the TT (Yoga Teacher Training) course to continue this with some of you, totally wish it was our group carrying on!  All of you have contributed something so special and this course and you lot have massively affected my life in such a positive way.  It's all just come up at the perfect time. Starting to write about my feelings has helped me get to the root of so many things (RW)

7th November 2014: You're a sweetheart! Thank you. I've been struggling to decide on which teacher training course to apply for, I think practicality is dictating the ...... And I'll continue to come to your classes so that will probably be the overriding influence to my practice..... I 'dunno', it's a bloody minefield out there in the yoga world!! This would all be solved if you ran a teacher training course y’know!!! (LB) - Well, I do now!

8th December 2013: Yesterday was the last day of the Yoga Foundation course run by Debbie. If any one is ever thinking about this course, you should definitely try to get on Debbie's, no matter where you are. So many people teaching yoga are doing it just to make a living, with no appreciation of what yoga REALLY is. Debbie, on the other hand is living and breathing it, and being taught by her is a real privilege. Thanks debs. (Dharma)

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