ADDITIONAL NEEDS YOGA: CPD day for yoga teachers - 9th March 2019

ADDITIONAL NEEDS YOGA: CPD day for yoga teachers - 9th March 2019


Additional Needs Yoga CPD

Saturday 9th March 2019: 10-4pm

with Andrew Nathan & Debbie Farrar

Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall, near Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 7LN

At first glance anyone could be mistaken for thinking the practice of yoga is all about making beautiful shapes with one’s body, but yoga is more about touching the soul than touching the toes. Yoga enables the individual to make connections with the mind, body and spirit – to gain a sense of who they are and how they relate to the world around them.

This is particularly true when working with students who have additional needs. This could include students with learning difficulties and disabilities, complex physical and medical conditions, autism and those with mental health issues.

This CPD day is an introduction to teaching yoga to students with additional needs.  By sharing their experience and different approaches, Andrew and Debbie will support you through an exploration of how you could develop your current yoga teaching skills and style to the teaching of students with additional needs, within the framework of the 8 limbs of yoga.

What to expect from the day:

  • Introductions and icebreakers

  • Grounding activities, setting the scene

  • Teaching group communication skills

  • Developing a trauma sensitive touch

  • Encouraging agency

  • Working with carers

  • Scope of practice

  • Simple chair based asana

  • Floor based pawanmuktasana

  • Soft ball games pranayama and bandha work

  • Elastic meditations

  • Relaxation

  • How to find work in this field

  • Plenary

This will be an informal & informative day with lots of individual, pair and group practical work.  We aim to leave you feeling confident about developing your own style of teaching yoga to students with additional needs and enthusiastic about having a go at this type of work which is both rewarding and much needed.

Andrew Nathan: aka ‘Andrewnanda the barefoot yogi biker’ is passionate about three things, teaching yoga, riding motorcycles and walking the hills, preferably sans shoes. He started practising yoga about ten years ago as a focal point to help him through a particularly difficult period of his life. On further self-investigation Andrewnanda came to realise that yoga had been part of his life for many years, through his love for the mountain environment and his vocation as a special needs teacher. He is a qualified teacher (BEd Hons) with more than 20 years’ special needs classroom teaching experience.  Andrewnanda lives and now works full time as a yoga (BWY L4D) teacher in Cheshire. You can find out more about Andrew here:

Debbie Farrar:  Debbie also has a background in special needs classroom teaching, having spent 10 years as a secondary school science teacher trained in special educational needs until she started teaching yoga full time in 2007. Teaching yoga since 1999, Debbie has worked with a variety of user groups with additional needs including; The MS Society, Merseycare (NHS Mental Health Secure units) & HM Prison Service.  Debbie currently works in private residential settings where she has been teaching yoga to adults with profound & complex needs since January 2012.  You can find out more about Debbie & her work by reading her biography in the teacher's section of this website.

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