Teaching Yoga Therapeutically - 16 November 2019

Teaching Yoga Therapeutically - 16 November 2019


Teaching Yoga Therapeutically

with Debbie Farrar

CPD for yoga teachers wanting their classes to better support the body’s natural healing mechanisms

Saturday 16 November 2019: 10-4pm

This CPD day will:

  • develop your understanding of how yoga can support the body’s natural healing mechanisms

  • develop your confidence to include people with physical, mental & emotional in your general classes

  • improve your trauma awareness

  • help you expand your teaching repertoire

  • develop strategies for accessing social prescription clients and getting GP referrals

We have all experienced the benefits of yoga and would like to pass them on to our students. One way of doing this is to teach the same thing that we practice. This serves well people whose needs are similar to our own. However, that is a small demographic. In order to expand our teaching repertoire and serve people who have more complex needs that we do, it is necessary to take a step back from our own practice and experience of yoga to look at the principles rather than the practices.

Teaching inclusively means that we open our classes to people with physical, mental and emotional needs that are more complicated than our own. People with complex needs are incredibly good at presenting as fully functional, so we can often be unaware they are in our classes.

This CPD day will deepen your understanding of the therapeutic needs of people in general classes, and help you better serve them and their healing journey. By drawing on recent developments in our understanding of trauma and pain, we will learn how to expand our teaching repertoire in ways that allow us to more confidently and effectively teach yoga therapeutically.

Debbie has been teaching yoga therapeutically in classes and private sessions since 2002 when she started running weekly Therapeutic Yoga classes. After recently listening to many yoga teachers expressing that they feel under pressure to speed things up and give increasingly advanced progressions, to keep their class numbers high, Debbie felt moved to offer an alternative.

There are many people whose needs are not served by the belief that progression means increasing complexity. Learn how Debbie has managed to maintain healthy class numbers and get clients from GP referrals while teaching yoga therapeutically.

VENUE: Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall, PR6 7LN.

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