Yoga Teacher Mentorship with Debbie Farrar

Practicing yoga since 1977.  Teaching yoga since 1999.   Training yoga teachers since 2013.

Currently delivering the Bhagavad Gita module for Proper Northern Yoga in Kendal, and the Professional Studies & Anatomy modules for the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales as well as her own Sensible Yoga Teacher Training in Lancashire, Debbie has a background in Secondary School Science Teaching, Educational Psychology & Yoga Teacher Apprenticing.  She currently mentors several graduates from her own courses, as well as other local yoga teachers from a variety of different training backgrounds. Debbie offers 2 different mentorship services as detailed below.


1-2-1 Mentorship

During 1-2-1 sessions we can discuss and address your individual requirements; whether you are facing particular difficulties in your teaching, want to update your anatomy knowledge, reflect on your teaching language or better understand the power dynamics involved in teaching yoga. 

My approach is based on atma vichara, the yoga of self enquiry, which is centred around your accessing and developing your own teaching style, intuition and inner wisdom.

1-2-1 sessions are sold in blocks of 5 one hour sessions for £150, or you can purchase a single 90 minute session for £50.  These are either held in person at Feel Now Yoga HQ in Whittle-le-Woods, PR6 7LJ, or via Skype.

You can book 1-2-1 mentorship sessions as private tuition here. When booking, use the additional information section to let me know about yourself and your mentorship requirements. Or email me at to ask any questions before you book.

Teaching Observation

Sometimes it is helpful to have our teaching observed so we can receive constructive feedback to help us refine our teaching.  This can be a daunting prospect, but it is invaluable as it is impossible to see for ourselves how others see us.  

As a teacher trainer specialising in teaching skills, anatomy, philosophy, educational psychology & professional studies, I can offer honest & sensitive observations that will allow you to build on your existing teaching skills. 

There is a general format for these observations, and you can look through this beforehand to get a general feel for what I will be looking at, although the form does not cover all eventualities and it can be tailored to your requirements if there is a particular area of your teaching you would like more feedback on.

Teaching observations cost £75 plus travel ay 35p a mile from PR6 7LJ. Email me at to arrange your observation.

Mentorship Testimonial

I wanted to tell you about comments from 2 classes I’ve taught yesterday and this morning. They have restored my faith and confidence. ‘I have never had things broken down like this before, and now it all makes sense why I am doing what I am doing’ ‘your classes are changing my life’ ‘it doesn’t matter what type of yoga it is if you connect with the teacher that’s it’ ❤️💕❤️💕I love this ride of huge ups and downs. Thank you all so much for supporting me. I am so grateful to you Debbie Farrar my awesome teacher. (LM)

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