108 Sun Salutes on 01/08

108 Sun Salutes on 01/08



Feel Now Yoga's Monthly Yoga Immersions kick off on Friday 1st August 2014, 7.15-9.45pm, with the classic yoga challenge of 108 SUN SALUTATIONS. (Well with that date, we had to!) 

Why 108? Cosmologically speaking, the Sun is 108 x the diameter of the sun from the earth, the moon is 108 x the diameter of the moon from the earth & the diameter of the sun is 108 earths. Devi will guide you through 9 different versions of Surya Namaskar, each of which will be done 12 times, to make 108 in total.  

This will take us about 2 hours, leaving you nicely toned for summer with enough time for a well deserved relaxation afterwards. We will be be making these yoga immersions a monthly event, with different themes each month.  

Future dates are: 19th Sep, 10th Oct & 7th Nov 2014.

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