The Squat: Experiential Dynamics with Molly Jaeger - Saturday 9th February 2019

The Squat: Experiential Dynamics with Molly Jaeger - Saturday 9th February 2019


The Squat: Experiential Dynamics

The Finer Details of Ourselves in Motion: Feldenkrais with Molly Jaeger

Saturday 9th February: 1-5pm

Explore the many dynamics of your squat in unexpected ways. Come along if you want to feel more comfortable in a squatting position, gain confidence in going down and coming back up or if you would like to study dynamics of the squat for yourself or your clients. 

How might you go about improving your squat?

Why not start by asking yourself these 4 questions about squatting:

What are my weaknesses? What are my strengths?

What do I want? What are my fears?

For example: Perhaps your weakness is a reliance on your strong quads. Perhaps your strength is a willingness to experiment. Perhaps your fear is about the flexibility of your precious knees? Is it that you want to have the confidence to know you can get up from a squat?

If you don't know your answers to these questions yet, you will once you start moving. 

In the workshop we’ll address all these elements and more…

First we'll prepare your body for a squat by bringing your breath into synchronicity with your actions. 

We’ll do movements that allow your back muscles to discover a better coordination with your hamstrings. Think long and strong. 

To Tuck? Or Untuck? What is better and how do your eyes play a role? 

We will oil our ankles nicely and remind them they can be wholly supported by the full sole of each foot. 

And of course, for the knees, poor knees who always get caught in the crossfire…for their sake we will teach better communication skills between your 3 major leg joints: hips, knees & ankles. 

And underpinning all of this, literally, are, of course, intelligent buttocks. That is, glutes that know how to wield their inherent power. Glutes that know “uplift” and can direct their energies upward, targeting the central point of axis with an elegant strength. 

All of this comes together to make an easier squat because instead of pressure to achieve or anxiety about ability, you can tend to yourself from a place of deep alignment. (When you realize it’s not about squatting after all, but everything else before and after!) 

This workshop is for anyone interesting in the in between spaces & places as well as anyone wanting to deeply explore what actually is a squat all about…for themselves. 

If you have any concerns please let me know in advance. I’d love to chat with you. You can email Molly at

Please bring a yoga mat. 

VENUE: Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall, Union Street, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 7LN.

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