ryan dixon: find your rhythm - sat 16 june 2018

ryan dixon: find your rhythm - sat 16 june 2018

from 10.00

Find Your Rhythm: Primal Sounds Playshop

Saturday 16th June: 1-4pm

An exploration of music making using drums, percussion and voices with Ryan Dixon of Find Your Rhythm. The session will be playful, educational and centering. Curious beginners absolutely welcome!

Whilst the session is facilitated throughout there will be space to invite participants to be creative & intuitive.

£15 per person. Booking is essential. Limited number of places.

Family friendly! Children from 8 years up welcome. £10.

Ryan is an experienced music leader and yoga teacher. To find out more about him visit: www.findyourrhythm.co.uk or contact info@findyourrhythm.co.uk or 07846 836842.

What are we doing?

There are 3 parts to the afternoon...

  • Rhythm skills: Developing basic technique, coordination & musical memory. Applying these skills to a song.
  • Improvisation: Listening to each other, supporting each other, letting go of inhibition.
  • Kirtan: A singing session that you can join in with in any way  you feel comfortable. If you are feeling brave you may choose to lead a song/chant yourself.

There will be a short break between each session.  

Herbal teas will be provided.  

Venue: Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall, PR6 7LN.

adult / child:
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