debbie farrar & ross dixon: structure & freedom - 22 sept 2018

debbie farrar & ross dixon: structure & freedom - 22 sept 2018


Structure & Freedom

using structure to find freedom for body, breath & mind

Recommended CPD for yoga teachers or trainees seeking to incorporate the principles & philosophy of the yoga sutras into their teaching. Suitable for any serious student of yoga.

Saturday 22nd September 2018: 10-4pm

The cultural emphasis of bigger, faster, harder, stronger sometimes finds its way into our yoga posture practice. Even if we find ourself, we often discover we are in competition with ourself.

Hardly surprising since asana is often presented as control of the body, pranayama as control of the breath & meditation as control of the mind.

Do we need controlling? Perhaps we can enjoy freedom if we balance our structures & cultivate ease?

Firstly we will cultivate ease in the body by balancing our bony stuctures to enjoy freedom in the joints.

Then we will cultivate ease of breath by exploring ways of arranging our bony structures to find freedom of breathing.

Finally, we will enquire into ways that we can apply this same philosophy to the rest of our lives. How can we balance the structures within and around us to find harmonious relationships that are free from competition and able to express themselves easily and fully?

VENUE: Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall, PR6 7LN.

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