Feel Now Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India

25th January - 2nd February 2018

Exploring the Yoga Sutras in Action with Debbie Farrar

Yoga is already happening now; just waiting to be felt. Patanjali pointed to this in that first Sutra. Feel Now Yoga is an invitation to explore the Sutras and your practice in a way that is inclusive of the principle of ‘atha yoganushasanam’, allowing you to ease into an intimately nourishing relationship with life.  Immerse yourself in the practice of Yoga in the land of its origin.  

Feel Now Yoga is pleased to team up with Yoga United to offer this nourishing Yoga Sutra Retreat at the luxurious Cherai Beach Resort in Kerala, India.  

Still a few spaces left.  Suitable for serious students or as CPD for yoga teachers.

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Deep Yoga Weekend in Brantwood, Coniston

30th June & 1st July 2018

Exploring Body, Mind & Consciousness with Debbie Farrar

Saturday 10-5pm: Mind & Matter.  Working with the Moon.  Using the sequence of Chandra Namaskar to retrace developmental neuromuscular pathways and explore how our intentions manifests in our movement.

Sunday 10-5pm: Moving Towards Conscious Awareness. Working with the Sun.  Integrating the bandhas into your practice.  Exploring alternative ways of practising and teaching Surya Namaskar that are harmonious to natural human movement patterns and allow for the organic application of the bandhas. 

Just 6 spaces left!  Suitable for serious students or as CPD for yoga teachers.

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