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our philosophy: feeling the yoga of now

Our name is a reminder that we often ignore how we currently feel for the sake of a future that might not happen or a past that is long gone.  

Feel Now Yoga invites us to tune into, reflect upon & trust our own feelings & common sense.  Hence our motto:

sensible yoga for sensitive individuals

Sensible (adj)

“capable of sensation or feeling;" also "capable of being sensed or felt, perceptible to the senses," hence "easily understood; logical, reasonable,”

At the heart of Feel Now Yoga lies a sensible, functional & principled system of yoga that honours the spirit of the Yoga Sutras whilst embracing forward thinking teaching & learning philosophies and scientific theory to meet the current needs of each individual's body & mind.

Feel Now Yoga uses yoga practices as lenses through which to observe the nature of self & reclaim a sensible, balanced, harmonious & honest dialogue between body, mind & consciousness.