Ross' Method, an Introduction

Thanks for having a look. I have been developing my Yoga method since I can remember. It began as a very natural process that helped me manage my life as a highly sensitive person. Yoga began as a thing that gave me a break from a stressful life, and slowly became my life. Things picked up when I became Debbie Farrar's Teaching Apprentice in 2012. After assisting her for a year, I began teaching my own classes in 2013. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most interesting teachers in the world, but most importantly I get to live and teach my work, or work and teach my life, or... you get it.

My method takes the emphasis off the posture-obsession that seems so rife in modern Yoga, and looks at the 'long game'- Yoga for life; practices that encourage our sustainable autonomy, for me this goes way beyond what happens on a mat or in a class. From a training perspective I don't believe in training for potency (how big/strong/fast/mobile etc. CAN I get?) but moving in the direction of an appropriate balance across these elements; appropriate to the individual. I also believe that how we fuel our bodies and how we use our minds are just as crucial as how we move. I also believe it's vital that we learn how to deeply relax and become comfortable in our own skin- Yoga has taught me that we can think we are when we aren't.

I look forward to hearing from you should you feel the time is right. Until then please feel free to look around. Back to my page Back to Feel Now Yoga