Earth Ripples by Debbie Farrar

Samhain Solidarity 

Exploring earth connections

She shook beneath my hands

The ripples from the violence

Are felt throughout these lands

And in receptive body

Those ripples find my chest

They come at night to wake me

While I lay down to rest

I wake in hot confusion

With a sense that drawing near

Is a blurring of distinctions

Which folk have long held dear

Labels can be violent, yes

But they can protect from harm

Those sensing folk who feel

What others keep at length of arm

The heart it is a tender thing

It magnifies a flutter

It causes sensing folk to stop

And think before they utter

But when the veils start to thin

The sensing folk cry out

The pain of Mother Earth is felt

Within as well as out

Take to the streets & speak your truth

Speak up no matter what

The freedom to express ourselves 

Is something we've still got

Heed not the calls of those who say

There's violence in your words

There's much more harm in silence

It stops you being heard

And you who think against the grain 

You are our shining lights 

Your courage is respected

You stand up for our rights

You are the Earth walking about 

Your speaking of her plight

Is all that stands twixt us & them

Don't give up without a fight

The meek shall not inherit you

That is an outright lie

Its how those without ethic 

Steal a bigger slice of pie 

My fluttering heart it softens

As the tremors fade away

Samhain solidarity 

We fight another day

Debbie Farrar, 31 Oct 2018

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