Breaking Abuse Patterns with our Language Choices by Debbie Farrar

Dear Yoga Land,

please can we stop quoting Pattabhi Jois in ways that vilify theory & thinking?

If it's only 1% theory, then that 1% is the most important part. If we are not clear why we are doing what we are doing, then you may be putting all that effort into practising something that is not good for you.

Jois is also often quoted as saying 'practice & all is coming'. But what is coming depends on what you practice & that depends on that 1% theory.

There is nothing wrong with thinking. Your mind is not your enemy. It is you! Better get to know it & make it a friend.

You can't bypass thinking. Viveka or discernment is at the heart of the yoga sutras.

The way these quotes are being used makes it sounds as though Jois wanted people not to think too much.

Why would anyone want that?

Perhaps the number of people who he sexually abused might be able to answer that question?

Can we stop discouraging people from using their own judgement? Do you not see how dangerous that could be?

Thank you.

Debbie FarrarComment