With this essay I hope to provide a summary of my study of Motivation which has been unfolding generally as part of my natural curiosity. It has solidified a lot for me as part of my yoga teacher training process and apprenticeship with Debbie Farrar (2012-Present).  What began as a simple google search has now become a more living understanding.

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Growth, improvement, change, confusion & trust

What is actually happening to our nervous system in yoga posture practice?  How can we clarify and harmonise action with intention?  An attempt to be objective about the most inherently subjective thing there is; the human nervous system.  Prepare to embrace confusion and trust your monkey mind.

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Can meditation stop nightmares?

If we practice dissociative practices that masquerade as meditation; we may be able to immune ourself to these images and our nightmares.  However we will be moving further away from reality and into the realm of fantasy.  Whilst fantasy can be good, it can also be bad.  It can fertilise our dreams and our nightmares.

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Yoga is not stretching

I do not teach yoga as stretching.  To reduce yoga to stretching is to do it a disservice.  If I could ban my teacher trainees from using one word; that word would be 'stretch'!  Although that word 'stretch' is so ingrained into the vocabulary of most yoga teachers that it is a hard thing to let go of.  I still hear it popping out of my mouth occasionally, and I do not teach yoga as stretching.

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The yoga teacher who knew too much

Accreditation & certification can give teachers the impression that they know for sure what is right & wrong. They might think they know how every joint works in every body, or that they know how each person feels & relates to sensation & pain.

This certificated stamp of authoritative approval can actually lead to them being so sure of themselves that they convince students to do things that are not right for them.

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Reality, ideology and the perils of tribal longing

I was recently invited to talk at the public Independent Yoga Network meeting that was set up to discuss the implications of the British Wheel of Yoga's move to pay Skills Active £20,000 so they can set up a National Occupational Standard for yoga teaching in the UK.  On the surface, it seems sensible enough.  Standards are surely a good thing?  Everyone wants to raise standards don't they?  Yes, they honestly do.

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Perfectly Anomalous

This is not to say that they are a bad person for having a hidden agenda. We all have them. Mostly, these hidden agendas are the result of our own unmet needs, and so are hidden even from ourselves. It is hard to work out these things in our own psychology.

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Diagnosis Murder

Putting a cushion under your ass is in no way meant to be a substitute for conventional treatments to hip bursitis. Please do not replace one external authority (doctors) with another (me). It's your own life, your own enquiry. Write your own script. Be your own authority.

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