BEING NORMAL - An Ode to Weird by Debbie Farrar

Being normal's overrated,

Being normal can't be fun,

Who decides what's being normal?

Who is the most normal one?


Being normal's only what you

be when you cannot be you,

Instead of trying to be normal 

why don't you just try being you?


If you keep trying to be normal,

how'd you know what you might be?

There may be something rather special 

hidden in that normalcy.


Just think of all the wondrous things

that you could see & you could do,

If you didn't care what normal boring

people thought or said 'bout you.


Normal narrow minded people

always think you strange & odd,

If you do things they dare do not,

If you feel things they dare feel not.


But being happy isn't normal,

And being free is oh so rare,

So if you're all for free & happy,

'bout being normal, do not care!


Neither can you care about

the feelings of the normal folk,

They might feel offended or uneasy

if you have a little joke.


They might be worried that your joke

is meant for them per-son-ally,

Cos that might mean that normal's changed

And that means they're not normal, see?


Above all things & all desires

what normal people fear the most,

Is someone changed the stuff that's normal

and didn't include them in the note.


So normal people always worry,

Normal folk, they live in fear,

But you don't help them by pretending 

normal's something you hold dear.


Let them cry or be offended,

Let them call you strange or odd,

But do not let them take your freedom,

Love of life is all we've got.


For this to work you must accept

other, weirder, people too,

You cannot get upset or angry

if they don't do what's normal to you.


These strange ideas of being normal

don't work for anyone you see,

They only serve those who make

much money from conformity.


But do not fear or be offended,

Their normal games just will not work,

All we need to do to stop them,

is stop being a normal jerk!


Normalcy will come & get you

when you're hiding in a crowd,

When people gather close together,

don't be afraid to stand out proud.


Don't just go along with others,

No matter how cool or weird they are,

Cos that's how normalcy is born,

and that will not make you a star.


For you to shine your starry brightest

what you say & what you do,

Must not reflect the views of others,

It must reflect the views of you!


What you feel is truth & beauty,

Peace & magic, love & light,

But not the form of peace that shies

away from what it knows is right.


Peace & love come not from others,

Nor can you give others peace,

Happiness will e'r elude you,

searching for it in guarantees.


Deep within us shining brightly

is our eternal well of love,

If we just look for love in others

we're just putting them above.


For this to work there cannot be

anyone who's above you,

Neither can there be someone who

does the shit you don't want to!


No master above, no slave below

is not the normal way to be,

But it's the only way to live

if you are really truly free!


Debbie Farrar 14/08/14

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