Diagnosis Murder by Debbie Farrar

Diagnosis etymology...

Greek - dia = apart
Greek - gignoskein = know / recognise

Contained within this word is the recognition of separation that uncovers a reductionist view of the human body.

Problem - My hip hurts. 
Diagnosis - Hip bursitis.
Quick fix - Anti-inflammatory medication.

The quick fix approach does not take into account the possibility that the bursitis may have been caused by a repetitive habitual movement pattern that is adopted because of a particular interaction with our environment or culture. For instance, I once healed myself of hip bursitis by putting a cushion under my ass in the bucket seats of my car. No need for medication. Just a prolonged period of noticing when my hip pain got worse. What was I doing? Attention was all that was required to release the tension in my system. (One way of changing the meaning of a word to its opposite is to put an 'a' in front of it.)

I say 'all' that is required as if this is an easy thing. With more stuff than ever vying for our attention & more narratives than ever challenging our trust in our ability to make sensible decisions based on the information we receive from own nervous systems, this is no easy task.

Attention is our most valuable currency. 
That's why there's so much competition for it.

Trouble is, if we succumb to the easy option of letting someone else make our decisions for us (parents, school teachers, doctors, friends, culture) we lose our ability to make sensible decisions for ourselves.

If we take the quick fix pills the hip pain will come back as soon as the pill wears off. All we are doing is dumbing down our nervous system even more, further reducing our ability to listen to our body.

What happens if we stop trying to mask the pain? If we stop separating the 'bad' hip from the rest of the body & reducing the problem to the hip? What happens if we listen to the pain? Go into it? Pain can be our greatest teacher. What is it telling you? Maybe the solution is as simple as putting a cushion under your ass!?

Putting a cushion under your ass is in no way meant to be a substitute for conventional treatments to hip bursitis. Please do not replace one external authority (doctors) with another (me). It's your own life, your own enquiry. Write your own script. Be your own authority. Enjoy it!

Debbie Farrar 25/11/14

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